Pet Safety on Canada Day

Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe during the holiday celebrations:

  • July can be very HOT.  Be sure your pets have shade and plenty of water.
  • Parties are fun, but keep alcohol and party food out of your pets’ reach.  Ask your guests not to give “treats” to your pets (or provide pet-healthy treats).
  • Fireworks and even loud party sounds can be very distressing for pets.  Provide a safe, quiet place for your pet to “escape.”  This is especially important if your pets are left alone while you are out watching the fireworks!
  • If your pet has extreme anxiety problems, ask your vet (in advance) if medication may ease the stress.
  • Canada Day DogMake sure your pet’s tags are current, and consider microchipping.  Many pet are lost during the holiday festivities.


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