It's almost time to light the candles for Canada's 146th birthday! Time to party like it's 1867! We have compiled all the information you need to know about Canada Day festivities in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Halifax. Each city has its own unique way of commemorating the Constitution Act, from skateboarding competitions and pancake breakfasts to live performances and choreographed fireworks. This section lists all the vital details on where to go and what to do in each city, including dates, times, locations, tips, and schedules. Whether you are celebrating atop Parliament Hill or on the shores of Lake Ontario, make sure you bring your maple leaf flag and lots of Canadian pride.

Ottawa Fireworks
# 1


Ottawa throws the biggest Canada Day bash in the country. The capital city is hosting fireworks and live performances by some of the world's biggest musicians.

  • Ottawa Fireworks
Halifax Fireworks
# 3


With free food, parades, fireworks and a live concert, Halifax and Dartmouth's Canada Day celebration is one of the most phenomenal in the country.

  • Halifax Fireworks
Vancouver Fireworks
# 2


Vancouver is known for hosting some of the most popular Canada Day celebrations. Participants can celebrate our birthday with live music, great food, bike races and fireworks.

  • Vancouver Fireworks
Toronto Fireworks
# 4


Toronto's Canada Day festivities include free concerts, street performances, and a spectacular display of fireworks over Mel Lastman Square.

  • Toronto Fireworks


Toronto at Dusk: Benson Kua [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons